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Third party suppliers reduce assessment burden with trusight solutions

Third Party Suppliers

Reduce Assessment Burden

Drive efficiency, consistent expectations and higher quality in the supply chain.

TruSight simplifies third-party assessments by executing best-practice, standardized assessments once and making them available to many – reducing third-party workload while enhancing data quality, consistency and accuracy.

How Can We Help

Treating Third Parties as Valued Customers

Third parties are our most important customers, and we work closely with them to improve the way they share risk assessment data with their financial services customers. TruSight’s standardized, best-practice assessment methodology, developed and maintained with third-party feedback, drives overall efficiency, consistent expectations, higher quality, and puts the distribution of risk data into the hands of the third party for broader distribution.

What We Provide

Third Party Suppliers

TruSight’s Standardized Approach Substantially Benefits Third Parties

Checkmark icon Reduced Effort
  • Complete assessments once and use across many financial institutions
  • Reduce duplicative requests for information and onsite validation
  • Focus time on risk management and remediation
Checkmark icon Consistent, Clear Expectations
  • Work with TruSight’s consistent best practices standard versus managing multiple standards
  • Improve quality, consistency and accuracy of information
  • Help drive standards and methodology
Checkmark icon Shorter Sales Cycle
  • Increase customer responsiveness and reduce onboarding delays
  • Increase trust and deepen customer relationships

TruSight Overview

The New Industry Standard for Third-Party Risk

TruSight is the best practices third-party assessment service created by leading industry participants for the collective benefit of all financial institutions, their suppliers, partners and other third parties. As innovators of the Assessments-as-a-Service model, TruSight streamlines and simplifies third-party assessments by executing best practice assessments once and delivering to many over a secure, shared-services platform. TruSight was founded as an innovative industry utility by a consortium of leading financial services companies, including American Express, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

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