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Working With Us

Make Better Risk-Management Decisions

Gain greater visibility into risks and manage third-party relationships more effectively.

TruSight delivers market-leading, comprehensive assessments built to an industry best-practices standard—so financial institutions can make more informed decisions, reduce their third-party risk, and operate more efficiently.

This is the first time that leading members of the financial services industry have come together to help all institutions mitigate risk among their vendors. Financial institutions of all sizes can benefit from the confidence and added credibility that comes from using industry standards to gather and validate third-party risk information.

— Chief Procurement Officer of JPMorgan Chase


Built on the Collective Expertise of the Industry

In the rapidly changing environment of the financial services industry, identifying and managing risk presented by third parties has become costlier and more complex than ever before. Currently, the industry is estimated to spend 80% of their time gathering and validating risk data, and only 20% to managing risk. TruSight is dedicated to reversing those numbers.

TruSight has formed an industry consortium to harness the collective expertise of leading financial institutions and combine their best practices into a consistent assessment methodology that elevates standards and simplifies the process of managing third-party relationships and associated risk.

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What We Provide

Our Customers

TruSight’s Collaborative Approach Elevates Standards and Decreases Costs for All

Checkmark icon Consistency
  • Harnesses collective expertise
  • Combines best practices
  • Establishes consistent approach
  • Elevates standards
Checkmark icon Transparency
  • Increases visibility into third-party risks
  • Builds trust and reduces risk in third-party relationships
Checkmark icon Cost Effectiveness
  • Eliminates duplicate efforts
  • Brings scale and efficiency to assessment processes
  • Allows customers to focus on managing risk
Checkmark icon Peer Engagement
  • Enables customers to stay ahead of industry and regulatory change
  • Validates internal policies and procedures against the industry’s most mature and rigorous third-party risk management practices
  • Influences TruSight’s assessment methodology and product roadmap

Get the facts

The New Industry Standard for Third-Party Risk

TruSight is an industry-initiated utility that combines best practices and standardization to deliver comprehensive third-party risk assessment services.Founded by a consortium of leading financial institutions including American Express, Bank of America, BNY Mellon, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, TruSight’s unique approach harnesses this industry expertise to deliver best-in-class information collection and validation.

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