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Our Customer Advisory Board

Working Together to Advance Industry Standards

Collaborating with our customers to advance third-party risk management across the financial services industry.

TruSight harnesses the collective expertise of the industry to elevate standards and stay ahead of rapid pace of change.

Working together to

Create and Operationalize Standards

TruSight’s best-practices methodology is created and continuously updated by its Customer Advisory Board (CAB), comprising experts and thought leaders from the top financial institutions in the industry. Members of TruSight’s CAB meet regularly to collaborate and exchange ideas and information to shape industry consensus on third-party risk management. The CAB ensures that TruSight’s products continue to lead the market and help customers stay ahead of emerging risks.

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The Benefits of Joining the TruSight CAB

  • Influence industry best practices
  • Engage with peers to increase efficiency and scale, and eliminate duplicative efforts across the industry
  • A single standard improves quality and consistency and accuracy of information available from third parties
  • Increased rigor and transparency ensure industry collectively stays ahead of rapid pace of change

Get the facts

The New Industry Standard for Third-Party Risk

TruSight is an industry-initiated utility that combines best practices and standardization to deliver comprehensive third-party risk assessment services.Founded by a consortium of leading financial institutions including American Express, Bank of America, BNY Mellon, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, TruSight’s unique approach harnesses this industry expertise to deliver best-in-class information collection and validation.

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